Sermons from September 2014

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About Wineskins


Our Lord has more new wine, always more new wine. He is always bringing to you and wanting to give to you something fresh and new and vibrant. Something which will move in you to increase your vision, to have you ‘step up the rung’ of your commitment, to stimulate your passion for loving others. Something which will increase your vision of what could and should happen in your life. Something which will make you dream of possibilities and then say – Why not? Our Lord always has more new wine for you but the question is: Can your wineskin handle it?

The Mature Disciple


What is your goal as a disciple of Christ?
In the first verses of James 1, James provides a progression of ideas that is required for believers to strive towards what needs to be our goal. Trials result in perseverance, perseverance results in spiritual maturity and spiritual maturity ultimately results in receiving the crown of life. It is the crown of life – the promise of eternal life that is our goal.

The Principle of First


Are we bringing the “first” of our life to God? Explore through the Old and New Testaments the principle of fist and the ideas of sacrifice and redeem. God redeemed us with the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. In response, are we willing to bring our first to God?

By my Spirit


The vision of SCCC is to “be a people who passionately follow Jesus to see all made whole.” To move forward in accomplishing the vision significant planning working together is required. However . . . we will not rely on planning. We will not rely on perseverance. We will follow the example of King David in Psalm 33 and place our hope and trust in God. We will rely on the power of God’s Spirit in us to move forward.