Sermons from May 2014

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In the Presence of the King


King Uzziah’s sin was in the casual was he attempted to approach God. He thought that he had the right to bypass the priests and go directly to God. He thought that he could bypass the brazen alter (for the confession / forgiveness of sin) and enter into the presence of God. Isaiah is a massive contrast. As he realized that he was in the presence of God – the King of Kings, his first response was confession. As disciples of Jesus we dare not enter His presence casually – we must always be ready to confess sin.

Humility and Mission

Both King Uzziah and the Prophet Isaiah had a mission from God to accomplish. Uzziah, though he started well and “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord’ allowed pride into his life. The pride resulted in sin, judgment, and his being unable to complete the mission God gave him. Replacing spiritual pride with a humility before God is one of the major challenges we face as a church and as Christians in North America.

Conflicted Motives

One of God’s expectations for His disciples is that we are serving Him. As we are serving, we need to be asking ourselves “why am I serving?” “What is my motive.” Id our serving from selfish motive such as to relieve guilt or to look good? Do I serve because I think God needs my help? Am I serving to obey God? Or am I serving because I have a love for God’s people? Any motive other than love is like shinning a spotlight in the wrong direction. As we serve from a motive of love, the spotlight will shine on Christ.