Meet our Leaders

George Ridley

Lead Pastor
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It was 2007 when George made the transition back to “home” – the great city of Calgary! George attended High School here in Calgary (James Fowler High School) and both his and Deborah’s families live in the area. George and Deborah grew Alberta, meet at Bible College and married on a perfect summer afternoon in 1988. Their family consists of three children (including a son who is married to a wonderful woman), a wonderful grand daughter, two dogs, geckos, birds and fish. There are times when their home feels like a pet store.

George’s personal interests are quite varied: yard work,  photography, woodworking and the restoration of a 1949 Fargo pick up.

Since completing college George’s journey spans more than three decades in full time ministry as well completing a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management.

George’s desire is that South Calgary continue to be: (1) A strong church family where each person is valued and loved; (2) A church where people are pointed towards Jesus; and (3) A church where people experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

George’s preaching is strongly Biblical, he provides solid leadership with a team approach, and loves a relational approach to ministry (preferably with a cup of coffee in hand!).

In addition to having a passion for the local church, George has a passion for the broader church community and has served in provincial and international leadership roles with the North American Baptist.

Samuel Medeiros

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God’s call on his life began at an early age. Sam was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and at 3 years old, Sam knew that he wanted to be close to God. It was with his mom that he invited Jesus into his life, and that light was ignited. At age 14, while praying for Canada, God laid on his heart that one day he would be coming to Canada. Over the next year, there were many confirmations of this call. As a young adult he became very involved in youth and camp ministry, becoming a camp counselor, and even training other counselors later. Becoming a sports director at these camps and youth retreats were also his passion.

Working as managing director for Lifeway Brazil, a Brazilian branch of the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing house, gave Sam the opportunity to help other churches develop small groups and discipleship programs for their churches, which drew him to seek out further biblical training.

It was not until after he married his wife Ally, and had been blessed with two daughters, that God’s call became clear once again. Was God really asking them to move their young family to Canada? After a year of confirming that this was exactly what God wanted them to do, they moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Cochrane, Alberta, Canada in 2005 to study at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. He was also privileged to work at the Seminary—first in maintenance and then later moved into the Public Relations department.

Ally and Sam enjoy having people into their home for fellowship, and after God gifted them with the addition of twin boys, they delight in busy family times with their four children.

Valerie Gale

Seniors Ministry Director

Val joined the church team October 2017 and has been attending South Calgary Community Church since 2009.  Val has been involved in many areas of ministry; mostly in children’s ministry.  When the request for a new Director of Seniors Ministry was announced God kept putting it in Val’s mind to put in her application for the position.  Val knows that this is where God wants her to be and is so excited to be a part of the seniors ministry.

Val grew up in St. Albert, AB. and moved to Calgary in 1992 and met her husband Rob shortly after, while they were working at a hobby shop together. They married in 1994.  They have two children and the whole family is active in the worship ministry.  Val and her family recently moved out to an acreage and welcomed the addition of her mother in law, eight cats and two dogs. She says the commute is a fair trade for the beauty and peace of country living.

Val’s enjoys many hobbies but her favourites are reading, martial arts, paper crafting and if the seniors group Operation Doll Knit gets their way, soon knitting will be added to the list (which Val is looking forward to).


Lynn McNaughton

Executive Administrator
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Kathy Simpson

Administrative Assistant / Coordinator, South Calgary Community Preschool

Kathy has been at South Calgary since the fall of 2002 working part-time as an administrative assistant. Kathy began working as an assistant for the worship department and then in the fall of 2014, her responsibilities also included providing administrative support in the office and the role of Preschool Coordinator. Kathy also provides leadership to the Thursday morning women’s group at the church.

Growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan is something Kathy is proud of. After graduating high school, she moved to Regina where she attended Wascana Institute and received her Secretarial Diploma. She worked for a few years in Regina and then in 1986 moved to Calgary to explore other opportunities. It turned out to be a good move as she met her husband, Derik here. Kathy & Derik were married in the early 90’s and have two wonderful children, a son and a daughter.

Working at SCCC has been a blessing to Kathy and her family. While her children were in school, it allowed her to work during school hours so she could be home for her children. Now that her children are grown, working part-time allows Kathy the opportunity to volunteer in other areas of the church. Away from the office, Kathy enjoys reading, cooking, gardening and of course spending time with her family.


As the city of Calgary grows to be a city of many nations, so South Calgary becomes a church of many nations. We desire to intentionally provide ministry to families from other nations. In addition to welcoming immigrants to our English service, we are pleased to have a Russian Language Ministry and a Hispanic Ministry. All our Ministries serve families from a number of cultural and national backgrounds.