pink impact 2016

Join us for a weekend encounter with God, hear stellar Bible teachers, speakers, and authors and have a lot of fun along the way.

Simulcast: Friday, Sep 30, from 7pm to 9:30pm • Saturday, October 1, From 9am to 4pm

Cost: $30 per person



Abraham was asked to leave his family and his inheritance to go dwell in unfamiliar lands. Abraham was on pilgrimage to walk and talk with God. While the location was important to God, the time with Abraham was far more important. God was calling Abraham to DWELL with Him.

Dwell is an interesting word. At first, it has a passive feel about it. But really means to live. Living is active. When you dwell in your home, you are actively living. You cuddle your babies. You wash lots of clothes and dishes. You watch a movie. You laugh and cry. You share secrets and dreams with those you love the most. Even when you are not active, you are living.

This year, our theme’s conference is entitled DWELL because God is calling us to come and dwell with Him. There is a yearning in God’s heart for us to dwell under His shadow. For us dwell tucked in the Rock, covered by His shield, and protected in His fortress. The ‘Great I Am’ wants to dwell in the private recesses of our hearts. He has secretes to share and moments He wants to explore with us together.