South Calgary’s potential for outreach and growth by connecting with families is staggering.

Forty-one years ago, God placed our church at the heart of a part of Calgary that has few churches yet over 14,500 families!

I am confident God’s desire is to renew South Calgary as a church bursting with the energy of young families; a nursery crowded with toddlers and babies, packed Sunday School classes and a lobby full of young parents.


When 2900 Cedarbrae Drive was purchased in 1977, the communities were flooded with young families consisting of Mom, Dad, and two, three or four children. The local schools were bursting, and the church was the same.

Over the years the community transitioned. The children became teens, graduated, went to university, married, moved further south and the process is now repeating in McKenzie Towne, Seaton, Legacy, Silverado and other new communities.

Many communities surrounding South Calgary Community Church aged, became less populated, and are now experiencing another transition. As original owners sell their homes, many have been purchased by investors and are rented to meet the needs of lower income families, single parent families and immigrants. Though families have fewer children than 40 years ago, there appears to be an increasing number of children in our communities again.

With the current mix of families in Cedarbrae and surrounding communities, there are massive needs and endless opportunities!


With the changing communities, God is providing an opportunity for significant ministry – if we are willing to act.

One of the keys to the future of South Calgary is our ability and willingness to connect with and have a spiritual impact on these families. 

 I am pleased that through the 2017-2018 ministry year we responded to the opportunities:

  • We provided Kids-In-Praise for free and added the Parent’s Café resulting in increased registration, increased ministry to families and an increase in the number of people accepting Christ and being baptized.
  • We did a better job of connecting mothers from Kids-In-Praise to Freshly Brewed where more connections and Bible teaching took place.
  • We held our first Free Yard Sale and opened Xchange to connect with and to respond to the needs of families by providing free household goods and clothing.

In the 2018-2019 ministry year we are moving forward to respond to ministry opportunities by:

  • Continuing to offer Kids-In-Praise at NO COST. No family will have to choose between Kids-In-Praise and buying milk. We are again expecting higher registration which translates into connecting with more families.
  • The Parent’s Café will continue, and we know that the personal and spiritual conversations will continue.
  • We are planning a renewed Day Camp for July 14 – 19, 2019.
  • We anticipate Freshly Brewed will continue to increase and that more connections with women will take place on Thursday mornings.
  • We already have an increased registration for our weekday Preschool over last year.

All this is good, but it isn’t enough.


Activities and events cannot be our focus. Increased attendance cannot be our focus.

  • Whatever we do must be done to point people to Christ.
  • As we meet the physical needs of people we have a responsibility to God to respond to their spiritual needs.
  • We need to be willing to “walk with” families through difficulties and struggles.
  • We have a responsibility from God to share Christ with people.
  • We should be actively and enthusiastically inviting people to attend worship services with us.
  • We should be part of a home group and invite newcomers to join us.

I believe that God will renew South Calgary. I believe there are endless opportunities.

Please commit to pray with me. Ask God to build up and strengthen the church family we call South Calgary.