Just over 20 people met on the evening of April 19 to begin the discussions related to worship ministry at South Calgary. As part of the introductory comments worship was defined as “recognizing and responding to who God is and all He does.” It was recognized that worship is music . . . and much more than music.

  1. The first question that was discussed related to concerns people have as we move forward. Though a number of thoughts were mentioned, two themes became prominent. The first related to the need for ongoing teaching and equipping of people in the area of music and worship. Pastor Kent has done a great job of mentoring individuals and we will need to pay attention to how we accomplish this in the future. The second theme related to the possible loss of familiarity within music. Pastor Kent`s guidance and gifts allowed us to have a consistency within worship, a great choir as well as special productions at Christmas and sometimes Easter.

The conversation shifted as we began talking about the need to ensure that we maintain a movement towards the contemporary and to be attractive to families and younger people. This led into a number of thoughts about the possibilities of the future and the opportunities to explore within worship.

One fear that was expressed was “Will people leave because Pastor Kent is no longer with us?”

  1. The second area of discussion related to the question of “What is important for us within worship?” This discussion will provide us with a foundation as we mover forward.

One comment that was phrased in multiple ways was the idea that there will be
– a new normal

– Worship will not happen the same as it has in the past

– We need to challenge the full congregation to choose to do this differently with us.

– we need to embrace change.

One specific comment that was mentioned in the meeting and repeated in an email from an individual who was not at the meeting is that this may be our “Heart of Worship” moment.   You can watch Mat Redman explain the ideas behind the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m83TSHhg-jU

Other common comments were that our worship needs

– draw us close to God

– To help us hear what God wants us to hear

– to be challenged through worship

– to help us be open for God to talk to us all the time

A third common thought related to our being a church family and a sense of connection:

– for everyone to feel comfortable

– to feel part of the church

– for there to be opportunities for people to corporately respond

– that we hear stories of God at work

– that we have “Family service” where people can share and for us to become even more connected.


  1. As we plan for the future we are looking at three sets of plans: Short Term, Mid term, and Long term.

For the short term (now though August) we have three worship leaders who will rotate on a four week schedule – Cecile Jaster, Cameron Graham and Deborah Ridley. The schedules for worship teams and tech support are set through the end of June and we will soon begin to work on the July – Sept schedule.

The mid range plans will be for September through December and will be determined by our long range plans. The Mid range plans will be a time of adjustment, evaluation and readjustment.

We will begin working on our long range plans on Tuesday evening May 10. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting.