Tip #3 – Prime the Pump

The Bible is full of accounts where God spoke to people in the midst of worship. Acts 13 records it was while the believers at Antioch were worshipping the Lord that the Holy Spirit spoke and directed them to commission Barnabas and Paul for their first missionary journey. What is the significance of this connection between worship and hearing God’s voice?

Worship is a “welcome mat” to God. Through worship we communicate our love and devotion to him, as well as our desire to be in his presence. As we worship, our hearts and minds become centered upon him. Worship tunes our spirit like the turning the tuning dial on a radio. The radio noise and static of the world gives way to God’s transmissions to us. We become focused on His voice and are able to hear him more clearly.

Before you read God’s word, spend some time worshipping him. Here are some ideas . . .

  • Read aloud the words of a hymn or worship song to God
  • Play a song or two from your favourite Christian CD and sing along
  • Thank God for 10 blessings in your life
  • Write a note of thanks to God for His salvation in your life
  • Compose a journal entry about how you have experienced God’s faithfulness in the past week/month/or year

As you prime the pump of your spirit with worship, expect to taste God’s “living water” as he speaks by His Spirit to yours