– Ask Questions

One of the ways God we can practice and grow in hearing God through his Word is by asking questions about the text, and to God, himself. Before you read a passage, pause to ask God in prayer to speak to you through his Word. Then read a short passage or chapter of your choice. After you read a passage or chapter in the Bible, try asking these questions:

  • What is happening in the passage?
  • What is being communicated in the passage?
  • How are the characters responding and why?
  • What is the significance of this passage?
  • What lessons in this passage are applicable to me and my life?
  • God, what do you want or need to say to me personally through this passage?

Not all the questions above may apply relevantly to every passage of scripture. But asking these (and similar) questions will train you to more readily listen for, and hear, God’s voice.