A Tired Church Kitchen

In 1979 the SCCC building was constructed. At the time we were fortunate to have a great kitchen that assisted in providing significant ministry. However . . . in the past 36 years our wonderful kitchen has begun to look . . . “tired.”

Some of the cabinets are sagging and one bottom drawer recently found a resting place on the floor (it has since been temporarily “fixed”); the stoves are wearing out; the refrigeration space is limited; the dishwasher doesn’t meet codes; it is crowded; and the list goes on.

Increasing Ministry

As ministry increases, the use of the kitchen increases. Ministries that regularly use the kitchen are:

  • Freshly Brewed (formerly Ladies Time Out)
  • Kids Connect
  • Seniors Lunches
  • Hispanic Ministry
  • Brazilian Ministry
  • Pot Luck Lunches
  • Vacation Bible School (Day Camp)
  • And beginning in March – Community Kitchen.

A Hub of Friendships

The kitchens in our homes are a hub where relationship happens. It is in the preparing, serving, eating and cleaning up of meals that families connect. The church kitchen is a hub of ministry.

The kitchen allows us to do significant ministry. And, after 36 years of constant use the kitchen will soon be limiting ministry. It is time to look at an upgrade.


In early January a group of interested people and those who work in the kitchen met to discuss the needs and possible steps. The highest priority that was identified was to purchase a commercial cooler. Before we began to think of how we might be able to purchase one, an individual donated the funds to purchase a new commercial cooler. This donation has allowed us to begin Community Kitchen in March!

The Next Steps

In the past month research has been done on: the cost of cabinets and a new commercial dishwasher; ventilation needs; the possibility of expanding the kitchen into the Fellowship Hall; building codes and a few other things.

The “kitchen group” will meet in mid-March to finalize the list of needs, and discuss and strategize the next steps (which will include a congregational discussion).

I anticipate that the funding for all kitchen upgrades will be through specific fund raising.

I have found it exciting to see how God has been at work with this project. When we began discussions I had no thought that the excitement level would be as high as it is or that the project would gain the momentum it has. I have come to the point that I believe God is saying “now is the time to move forward.”

I want to stress one point: The rejuvenation of the kitchen is not about having a nicer, more comfortable kitchen with the newest gadgets. This is about having a facility that provides opportunities for significant ministry to take place. it is to provide a hub from which where friendships develop.

We will provide more information including a date for a congregational discussion after the March meeting – stay tuned.

Pastor George